Echo Explorer Vessel Mobilisation Bryn

Summer arrived on this World Hydrography Day, and our hydrography graduate and undergraduate students are well into their residential practicals. Based at Fugro training academy, in Turnchapel, Plymouth, students are using Sonardyne's Echo Explorer and Fugro's Bryn for their offshore work. Photos of the practical activities are being posted on MLA College FaceBook page

Ashore and offshore practical sessions include:

  • Installation of Control Network
  • Optical Levelling
  • GNSS Control Point Observations
  • Installation of Tide Gauge
  • Total Station Observations
  • Total Station Traverse
  • Vessel Dimension Control Survey
  • Alongside Gyro Calibration
  • Static Position Validation
  • Survey Operations (MBES Patch Test, CTD/SVP, Seabed Grabs, Secchi Disk)
  • Wreck Survey
  • Data Processing