MLA College has a new shareholder in the form of BAU Global Education Network .

The BAU Global Education Network is one of the largest providers of education in Europe, with 6 universities, 3 language schools and 16 liaison offices worldwide. 

Our new affiliation with BAU will bring significant additional academic resource to MLA College, and provides opportunities for development in new subject areas, and in new countries. For example, BAU’s Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul was recognised in July 2019 as one of 16 United Nations CIFAL centres. CIFAL centres exist to develop and provide training programmes addressing a wide range of issues relating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through the BAU education network, MLA College has opportunities to develop and enhance its academic offer in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly through applying our proven distance and blended learning model to both maritime and non-maritime subject areas.

As before, MLA College also remains a part of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST). The strong links with the IMarEST enable MLA College to inform and be informed by national and international developments and initiatives in the marine sector, and engage directly in UK Government strategies relating to the marine sector, such as “Maritime 2050”. The College remains committed to developing marine and maritime professionals worldwide.

This new partnership with BAU is an outstanding opportunity for MLA College. It will give us significantly greater resources, a bigger network and wider opportunities for all our students. Rest assured that quality remains at our heart.