The theme of this year’s World Engineering Day is Sustainable Development, which is a topic close to the heart of many individuals and organisations from across the globe, and at MLA College we are proud to support this.

In my role as the Vice-Chair of the Engineering Council, I have had the pleasure and first-hand experience of working with some of the most talented, innovative and skilled engineers and I truly believe that they hold the power through design, new technologies and initiatives to lead the way in sustainability. In fact, we can’t have a sustainable future without them – engineers really can change the world.

On this day, and everyday, we celebrate and respect those in the profession. Engineers don’t just design or build, they shape the world we live in and make a vital contribution to our society.

In the marine industry we have had a very high caliber of engineers undertake an independent workplace-based research project through our MSc Engineering for Marine Professionals programme; some of which have then gone on to gain professional registration and advance within their careers.  Gaining a Master’s degree, alongside professional registration, really sets individuals apart and can demonstrate high standards of competency and commitment, and highlight those who work in an ethical, sustainable and professional manner.

Through the global sustainability crisis, and the demand for engineering programmes, we have recognised the need for education within this arena and will be taking our very first students onto our MSc Sustainability in Practice programme this autumn.  This is a huge milestone and provides the opportunity for middle and senior management to really look at their role, their team(s), and their industry. They will take an active and participatory role in implementing sustainability in practice, and, hopefully, making an impact, not only within their own business but potentially across many industries worldwide. These practices will not only lead the way to a sustainable future it will also support future generations to come.

Much like the MSc Engineering for Marine Professionals, the MSc Sustainability in Practice is a Master’s top-up programme, consisting only the research project element of a full Master’s degree. However, it’s not just for engineers, it’s suitable for managers across all industries and sectors and we need to remember that everyone needs to play a part in sustainable development, and a good place to start is changing business practice.

If you would like to register your interest in either of the programmes mentioned please email