My background is in the environmental sciences. I was lucky enough to attend a week long residential field course whilst at school, and this made me realise that I could combine my love of physical geography and science, with my nerdy fascination for data, numbers, statistics and maps. Because of that, fieldwork, labwork, and data analysis has always held an especially important place in my teaching. My first degree was in terrestrial environmental science at Lancaster. I then moved on to take up a PhD opportunity in marine science at the University of Cardiff. To be honest, it was the offer of five weeks on a research ship that probably made my mind up for me, and, as I hail from a place in the UK that is possibly the furthest one can get from the sea, I thought this would be an adventure! 

After four years studying the geochemistry of deep sea sediments, I then undertook three years of postdoctoral research at the Southampton (now, National) Oceanography Centre, investigating the biogeochemistry of nearshore waters. I then moved to a full time academic position at Southampton Solent University, eventually becoming Head of Environment and Geography. During that time I taught the whole gamut of marine and terrestrial environmental science, and inputted to the environmentally focused areas of the University's shipping and ports portfolio at undergraduate and Master's levels.

As my background had always lent itself to survey and monitoring work, some of my later work focused upon the developing technologies around capturing data in digital format. This grew into an interest in UAV (or drone) technology for environmental work and high precision measurement, and I now run a business that supplies UAV survey products mainly to the environmental sector.

Outside of work, you can often find me battling weeds in my vegetable plot, toiling in the kitchen (cooking the results of said vegetable plot), or relaxing over a decent beer (probably because my veggies failed, or my football team lost...again).