Hi, I’m Brian and after a fantastically varied and interesting 11 year career as a hydrographic surveyor, I’m absolutely delighted to now be a part of the MLA team as a lecturer and trainer in the subject that I love.

My passion for the sea began shortly after leaving school with a short stint in the Royal Navy, where I was fortunate to learn how to sail, which despite having being raised in the Lake District was an entirely new experience. On leaving the service I spent a couple of years qualifying as a Yachtmaster and sailing vessels across a few oceans and seas, with only the one Mayday and subsequent rescue!

The art of navigating from charts inspired a desire to gain a greater understanding into the compilation of these pieces of paper that contain so much information and are ultimately responsible for the safe passage of mariners.  What followed was 4 years of study where I gained a BSc in Marine Science and an MSc with “Cat A” accreditation in Hydrography.

In my 11 years as a hydrographic surveyor I have worked in some very interesting places and with some fantastic people who have taught me a great deal about hydrography.  It is this experience  and knowledge gained that I am keen to pass on to students engaged on our distance learning packages, which in my opinion are at the leading edge of educational offerings in hydrography globally.

When I’m not in Plymouth with the MLA team I can be found at home near Salisbury with my wife Kirsten, our two boys, Jake and Joshua, our two dogs Durgan and Maudie and 4 Alpaca.