Hello, I have recently left the UK Hydrographic Office where I had worked for just over 30 years with the intention of working for myself. Prior to working for UKHO I had gained a joint honours degree in Geography and Topographic Science from Swansea. Although the topographic science was heavily directed towards land survey and I took it in the pre digital era (no total stations for us!) it laid a great foundation for my future work at UKHO.

My time at UKHO provided me with some great opportunities, allowing me to work in areas as diverse as geodesy, electronic chart production, marketing and heading the UKHO’s bathymetric data appraisal section. I was also fortunate to become involved with the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) where I chaired the working group set up to produce edition 5 of the S-44 survey specification. After this I chaired the IHO working group on Data Quality looking at how the quality of data in nautical charts can be best depicted.

I was also fortunate in being heavily involved in the development of the UKHO raster chart service ARCS for which I was responsible for the data protection scheme (if any of you have used ARCS you can blame me for the permits that you need to access the charts you have bought). I then modified this scheme to cover vector navigational charts (ENCs) and this was adopted with only minor changes as the IHO’s ENC data protection scheme and published as S-63. I am happy to say that the chart permits (or cell permits as they are called with ENCs) are here to stay.

I am looking forward to contributing to the HA’s portfolio of courses as I consider their approach to be sound and they offer a fantastic product.