I hold the qualifications of Master Mariner and a Masters Degree. The latter was obtained half-way through my working life and it is this experience that has led to my involvement with the MLA.

I have now retired from full-time employment and in essence I have had two careers in the marine industry. The first was a twenty year sea-going career starting on ocean going ships with Cunard and followed by some ten years on coastal ships with the last three years in command. I had experience on a wide variety of vessels including reefers, container, tankers, buoy tenders and passenger ferries.

Throughout the UK educational regime ongoing education and training was a natural part of obtaining the highest seagoing qualification of Master Mariner. Prior to going to sea I was asked what I wanted to become, at that stage the answer was simple: Captain. Having then obtained that status further goals evolved and it soon became apparent that further education was required if I was to further my career aspirations ashore as I didn’t hold a degree. Consequently I went to University. 

Whilst not without risk this was a successful strategy which enabled me to develop my second career, also spanning some twenty years, at the University of Plymouth lecturing on marine degree programmes.

It was this combination of experience that led me to an interest in life-long learning and to develop programmes at the University which combined both professional and academic qualifications for seafarers. In turn this interest caused me to recognise the benefits that quality distance learning programmes could provide to those at sea and in allied industries. Hence a natural interest to work with the MLA team to develop the Marine Management and Science e-learning programmes.