Lucille joined the MLA in September 2015 as the Academic Quality Processes Manager, and is now working as our Head of Programme Services.

She studied at the University of Plymouth, graduating in 2008 with a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology, and later gained an MSc at Imperial College London in Taxonomy and Biodiversity.

Lucille’s current role at the MLA is to manage the admissions, administration, and academic partnerships of the MLA, and she is also the office manager. She manages all the students’ processes, from initial enquiry right up to graduation, and she deals directly with our academic and industry partners to ensure everything runs smoothly.

She has worked for many years in the field of scientific academia and supported the running of a NERC Doctoral training Partnership at Imperial College London. At the same time she also worked part-time at London’s Natural History Museum, working on palaeontological research projects with the Museum’s collections.

Lucille is a Biologist/Taxonomist with a great deal of knowledge and interest in the marine environment; in particular she specializes in marine birds (and if you ever have a question on penguins she’s the one to ask!).

She has a long history of working in universities, from the perspectives of an academic, a student, and also in the operational side, and she thinks students are awesome!