Neil Millington

Neil Millington is a Cartographer who received his survey training at the School of Military Survey, UK, covering all aspects of traditional map production procedures and techniques.

From 1984, he was employed primarily in the land survey environment, utilizing computer power to develop data presentation, with particular emphasis on GIS and 3D modelling, both of Digital Terrain Models and structures. Since 1998, working in the offshore survey industry as a CAD Data Processor, focusing on processing, charting and 3D presentation and imagery of subsea survey data.

He runs his own 3D visualization company, Oceancad Ltd, working as a 3D Graphic Designer, developing 3D animations to demonstrate subsea engineering procedures and techniques along with 3D modelling for real-time visualisation software installed onboard fleet construction vessels.

His aim is to constantly improve the graphical presentation of the subsea environment to enable the end user to undertake informed, educated decision making.