My name is Steve and I am MLA College’s Digital Production Assistant. Before joining MLA I could be found on building sites for 7 years and then on Royal Navy ships, namely HMS Sutherland, for 6 years. I enjoyed seeing parts of the world I never thought I would and garnering a great work ethic which I put to use every day at MLA. 

My job allows me to support the team in many aspects of media related areas, from marketing to producing course materials and many others. Before beginning my career in media I was quite unnerved about how complex some of the software’s can be and how I would remember it all. Now I can’t get enough of it and I am found most days with my head in new courses experimenting and pushing my knowledge further. 

I am a keen filmmaker and have a passion for documentaries of all types, my favourite being Ken Burns, nobody tells a story like that guy! I am a boxing enthusiast and have even competed when I was in the navy, and for charity. I discovered very quickly I am better suited filming boxing than being in the ring!