Metocean processes and impacts


MetOcean Processes and Impacts gives students a balanced insight into the earth’s meteorological and oceanographic processes, how they affect the marine environment and are in turn changed by maritime business activity and development.  Having gained an understanding of the maritime environment, you will also examine the requirement for marine environmental protection, how this is achieved and managed across the globe, and developments in offshore renewable energy.

Includes lectures in
  • Atmospheric physics
  • Ocean processes
  • Analysis of data
  • Offshore renewable energy
Key skills learned
  • Understand global and local scale meteorological and oceanographic mechanisms and processes
  • Analyse and evaluate data
  • Describe critically the characteristics of marine and coastal environments, and evaluate their sensitivity to change
  • Research and debate arguments to describe and assess the impacts of maritime operations and commercial development on the marine environment
  • Describe critically and evaluate typical offshore renewable energy systems



13 weeks part-time study


30 transferable credits at academic level 6


Coursework only.