Maritime regulation and governance


This module gives you the opportunity to investigate in detail, aspects of the maritime business world; its regulation, organisation, behaviour and management.  Students build their knowledge and understanding of the economic and financial driving forces, maritime commercial frameworks, governance, regulation and legislation.

Includes lectures in
  • Maritime economics and finance
  • Legal frameworks and regulation
  • Marine management
  • Leadership
Key skills learned
  • Describe and evaluate relevant examples of regulation and legislation within the maritime industry
  • Manipulate and interpret financial data using appropriate techniques
  • Evaluate the uses and management of finance in a topical setting, including the use of financial systems and instruments for planning, control, decision making and managing risk
  • Discuss the theories and models relating to management in the maritime industry, evaluating decision making processes



13 weeks part-time study


30 transferable credits at academic level 6


Coursework only.