Ship and Marine operations


This module will give you a detailed knowledge of modern international shipping and other maritime activity, at strategic and operational levels.  It explores the role of marine operations, the oil & gas industry and shipping in the extraction of natural resources and movement of freight, in the international, intermodal industry.  Global marine trade, shipping, ships and port operation are examined in detail and specific shipping operator roles are identified.

Includes lectures in
  • Logistics and Inter modal transport
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Maritime leadership and management
  • Maritime corporate enterprise
Key skills learned
  • Autonomously identify, judge and recommend remedies to problems
  • Evaluate and implement effective leadership and efficient management practices
  • Apply current theoretical and methodical approaches for effective leadership
  • Analyse modern shipping and marine operational practice



13 weeks part-time study


30 transferable credits at academic level 7


Coursework only.