Offshore renewable energy


Marine Renewable Energy will equip you with a strong and stable background framework knowledge and understanding in this specialist area of expertise.  Bringing together meteorology, oceanographic and coastal environmental process together with modern renewable engineering techniques, it will provide you with a practical and forward looking skill set in this field.

Includes lectures in
  • Advanced meteorology and ocean processes
  • Environmental socio-economic impacts
  • Renewable energy engineering
  • Offshore coastal zone engineering
Key skills learned
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts relating to meteorology and oceanography.
  • Analyse and debate possible social, environmental and economic impacts arising from the development of marine renewable energy sources.
  • Critically evaluate a variety of marine renewable energy generation mechanisms.
  • Understanding of the arguments, challenges and solutions to providing sustainable and efficient energy delivery
  • Abilities in the design, development, testing, critical evaluation and judgement of sustainable current and future energy supply



13 weeks part-time study


30 transferable credits at academic level 7


Coursework only.