Sustainable Maritime Operations Access Course

Your doorway to the wide world of marine operations.



  • 8 week distance e-learning module.
  • Full Tutor support.
  • 4 Chapters, 12 twenty minute video lectures.
  • Formative Quizzes.
  • Final Assessment.


Chapter 1
The Energy Business

Three 20 min video lectures

  1. What are marine operations.
  2. Global energy trends.
  3. The growth of marine renewables against other forms. 

Chapter 2
Marine Technologies

Three 20 min video lectures

  1. Types of renewable technology.
  2. Advanced marine vehicles.
  3. Ship characteristics & vessel efficiency. 

Chapter 3
Managing the Marine Environment

Three 20 min video lectures

  1. Integrated Coastal Zone Management.
  2. Managing the use of the Coastal Zone.
  3. Introduction to the Law of the Sea. 

Chapter 4
Managing Sustainable Maritime Operations

Three 20 min video lectures

  1. Company and project finances.
  2. Project planning.
  3. Risk management. 
What is the course?
It is a short introductory module that aims to give an overview of the breadth of today’s offshore and maritime operations for those keen to learn more, or planning to enter the industry. It is delivered by fully tutor supported technology-enhanced distance learning. This course can fit flexibly around your work and life commitments.