Meteorology & Oceanography


The Meteorology & Oceanography module provides you with the knowledge and understanding of the underpinning meteorology and oceanography theories required to operate successfully as a hydrographic surveyor, alongside opportunities to develop practical skills in data analysis and presentation.

Includes lectures in
  • Weather and the Atmosphere
  • General Circulation
  • Global Climates
  • Forecasting
  • Ocean Circulation
  • Physical Properties of Seawater
  • Water Masses and Thermohaline Circulation
  • Wave & Tides
  • Coastal Processes
Key skills learned
  • Analysis of synoptic charts and available weather information, and accounting for the effects this may have on the conduct of a hydrographic survey
  • Knowledge of key concepts relating to physical oceanography, including waves and tides
  • Reproduction of common oceanographic profiles, accounting for changes within and between them
  • Ability to discuss the complications encountered in nearshore and shallow water environments such as estuaries, beaches and deltas



13 weeks part-time study


30 transferable credits at academic level 5


Coursework only (Personal Development Portfolio) submitted on week 13.