Data Management & Charting


This module will allow you to develop your understanding of hydrographic survey equipment and instrumentation, and the data they provide. You will learn how to manage data and analyse  errors and uncertainty, and identify the techniques necessary to quantify them. You will gain knowledge and experience with the visualisation and presentation of data including, for example, working with digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems.

Includes lectures in
  • Hydrographic Sensors & Instrumentation
  • Data Collection, Processing and Statistics
  • Data Visualisation and Presentation
  • Data Management
  • Errors & Uncertainty

Key skills learned

  • Describe, interpret and apply appropriate data management, analytical, quality control and statistical techniques
  • Appraise the function, specifications and limitations of hydrographic equipment
  • Visualise and present data using manual methods and appropriate ICT
  • Appreciate the nature of common errors and evaluate uncertainty



13 weeks part-time study


30 transferable credits at academic level 5


Coursework only (Personal Development Portfolio) submitted on week 6 (1st coursework) and week 13 (2nd coursework).