MSc Sustainability in Practice (Top Up)

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Aimed at senior to mid-management this programme is designed for leaders, managers and individuals in charge of teams or workplace sustainability.

Eager to learn, develop and drive organisational change in the world of sustainability, you will have the opportunity to undertake a 12-month research project that will explore your workplace or community challenges as well as create authentic and sustainable solutions that can be implemented.

The process will start with a planning phase. We will ask you to plot a course of creating sustainable changes to your workplace or community, and then roll your sleeves up and get on with it. This is why it is called Participatory Action Research – it is about you getting involved and taking part in the making of change, not just ‘directing traffic’. Along the way, we will talk about designing evaluations, creating objectives, dealing with conflict, considering others.

You will, first-hand, create authentic and sustainable solutions to problems your working environment needs investigating to the successful achievement of at least one SDG. You might not get there fully by the end, but you will reflect upon the process and identify opportunities for future projects. However, you will have made a start, maybe a small one. But by doing so, you will have left the world of talking about sustainability behind and taken active ownership of some part of a sustainable future.

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