MSc Global Sustainable Development

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If you have a background in sustainability already, or already hold a degree, the MSc in Global Sustainable Development is the ideal course to take advantage of that experience and higher-level learning.

The course aims to:

  • Provide a sound, and critical, understanding of sustainable development, particularly with reference to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Show how sustainability is conceived and practiced differently across the globe.
  • Show how sustainability is conceived and practiced differently across different sectors, and to critically evaluate how the UN SDGs interact with these sectors.
  • Enable students to evaluate the role of individuals, communities, and institutions in delivering sustainable development.
  • Foster debate and enable students to express reasoned, evidence-based arguments.

The Programme starts with a period of gaining a shared vocabulary and set of ideas around sustainability, as well as investigating the various ways in which we might interrogate and analyse sustainability projects through a range of research methodologies and their associated techniques.

Options focus upon sectors, so, the MSc examines, in greater detail, the sectoral responses to the sustainability challenge. It shows that SDGs interact with a range of social and economic activities in a number of complicated and interconnected ways. This will allow you to evaluate projects and progress against sustainability goals more critically.

The Programme finishes with a significant piece of individual research, on a topic of your choice.


Key information


Debating Sustainability

Researching Sustainability

Moving with the times: Using sport to address development goals

A Cultural Lens on Sustainability

Hungry for Change – Food and Sustainability

Water’s Sustainable Future

Developing Sustainable Energy

Managing Waste for a Sustainable Future

Research project