MLA College Alumni Society

MLA College Alumni Society logo

Upon successful completion of their programme, graduates are invited to join the MLA College Alumni Society.

As a member of this elite group, graduates will be able to network both professionally and socially using the MLA College group as well as the wider BAU Global Network.

They will also have the opportunity to mentor current MLA College students, or be a
mentee themselves, should they be looking for either academic or professional guidance.

There is no cost associated with the Alumni Society.


MLA College Alumni Society benefits

  • Social and professional networking with MLA College graduates and the wider BAU Global community
  • Mentor existing MLA College students
  • Be a mentee, if professional or academic guidance is required 
  • Access to the Jobs Board where industry positions are made available as and when 
  • Free postings for any positions that graduates may wish to promote
  • Alumni also receive a 25% discount for any programmes should they return to their studies with MLA College


MLA College graduates can register via the BAU Global Network website.